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AnnaYTingscore:3.3 / 52022-08-16
378 the price is not expensive, but the sheets and quilts are not very clean and a little black
appendixscore:5.0 / 52022-08-12
lljjpp2800score:4.0 / 52022-08-10
Convenient and fast, with breakfast
lyxf_2001score:2.5 / 52022-08-02
Location... To be honest, it's a little embarrassing. It's ok if there's not much luggage, because it's still 10 minutes' walk from the subway and the road is not easy to walk. The bus stop is right at the door, but the local ground traffic conditions... You know! Don't be confused by the appearance photos. It's just the whole building. The hotel lobby is very small, on the side of the lane, and the others are restaurants. Personally, the only advantage is that there is a good tea restaurant downstairs, which is convenient for eating and sleeping. Facilities... I live in a spa room without windows (although I said I wanted to change it, I ended up with nothing, which will be described in the service section later). More than half of the room is a bathroom, with a large Jacuzzi in the middle, but basically, except for water and lights, other functions will not move. The service staff said this was the previous massage housing reform, so. Apart from the bathroom and toilet, there is only one bed left. Another surprise: there is even a free bottled water in the 400 one night room. Service... When it comes to the problem of windowless, it's really difficult to understand that a room in the upper class of the hotel is windowless and hasn't been informed yet. Agree to stay for one day first and change rooms the next day. When it comes to the next day, there is no sound. You should reply with or without it, right? The first night I took a bath, the water was warm water close to cold water, and it was still not hot after a few minutes. The waiter asked me to come and see. The waiter said that it was all like this. You flowed a little longer and it was slowly hot... I fainted... It was still warm after 10 minutes. He asked the management personnel to deal with it. He said that they were all off duty, and there were no management personnel... Finally, I asked the front desk personnel to come, The problem of water the next day is gone. So the service is not flattering. Breakfast, average, not good or bad, different personal needs. Hygiene... OK, there's nothing particularly good or bad. Conclusion: I don't recommend (and find that there are better hotels near the front and rear subway stations.
B00565score:4.5 / 52022-07-26
It's a good location. There's a lot of food downstairs. The room and the bed are a little small. I'm not satisfied with the cost performance.
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